What does she mean by this?

Hey guys I've this girl in my class we hang out , text eachother , talk about anything . I kinda like her but I doubt if does too . So recently while texting she sends me a picture of her day out with her toddler cousins so I reply "They're so cute" so she texts me "Hey What about me?" so I text back "Your sweet too , thats why I like you " with an accompanying blush emoji ofcourse :P so she goes like "Awww *lovestruck emoji* *kiss emoji* soo sweet" haha I was wondering is that a normal response for just a friend? Just a while we were talking about my tshirts that I bought myself so she goes like "when are you buying me eh" so I reply "hey thats a girlfriend priviledge" so she replies "you can't trust in a relationship , friends are the best" so I wierdly say "yeah friends are best lol" . Also I asked her and we are going out next weekend . Okay whats your inference based on all this , is this just a friend thing (forever friendzoned lol) or is she into me ?


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  • she is into you (maybe) but maybe she is testing you to see your feelings and you just shocked her by saying "hey thats a girlfriend priviledge" .. when you go out with her next time just try to get out of friend zone


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