Girls, i'm dating someone who wants to date others as well, but doesn't want me to branch out. Am I being a chump?

We have both known each other for a while and its a great friendship and we love each other, but she likes to have variety. As do I. The only downside is she wants the variety , but doesn't want to share me with anyone else. We used to be serious, but we both backed away as it was not what we wanted at the moment. She is awesome and I don't want to lose her, but am I headed down a bad path or is this just normal? I get hit on a lot and it makes it hard sometimes to walk away. Am I an emotional crush or is there hope?


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  • It's not fair at all that she wishes to have freedom in the realm of dating, but wants you all to herself. She wants the benefit of getting attention from multiple different guys, but she also wants to guarantee that you will be solely here at the end of the day. Either explain to her how it isn't fair, and hopefully she will realize how she has to make the situation equal, or you should be done with her if she can't stop being selfish. I understand that you really like her, but unless you are okay with being used, you should not be involved with her.


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