Should I trust a guy who keeps on changing his plans?

I'm dating an older guy, like 2 decades older than me. We just met. I like him coz he is mature enough to let me do what I want and supports my dreams. I just worry because he seems like he doesn't know what he wants to do with his life. I can feel that he likes me too. He said he likes and loves me and misses me and wants to spend his life with me. We get along well. But his plans keep on changing. He wanted me to stay with him in Canada, I have a few stuff to finish in London before I want to move to a new place. He is Muslim and he wants us to have the same faith when we get married which I totally agree about as I saw some marriages falling apart coz of different faith and no one wants to give way. I sometimes feel like he is unstable coz he can change his mind without telling me?
Thanks a lot for the answers guys. I appreciate it since my friends and family will be in shock if I marry someone way older than me. well, for the example, 1st he said he wants us to stay in Canada coz he likes it there. then after a few days he said he wants to come back to the UK since he has worked here before. but he seems to have no specific time-frame. i was thinking if he ever change his mind again about what he really wants to do then I would stop the relationship.


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  • Some of that seems ok, but some of it seems really problematic. You don't really give any examples of how he changes his mind, or how he is unstable. Age difference... I don't see as much of a problem. Different country... a bit more of a problem. Different religion... now you are starting to have a lot of things piling up... it is going to be very hard for you to maintain your own support network in that situation. Adding to that some instability... could be too much. But I would need more examples of the instability before I would say definitively.


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  • This relationship has so many red flags. He is two decades older than you, doesn't stick to his decisions, and asked you to change your faith to marry him. I certainly think you'd be taking a MASSIVE risk if you continue with him, but it's up to you.

  • an example of how he changes his plans would have made it easier to understand the problem


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