Should I end it with this guy im seeing?

So I met this guy on tinder and I really like him because off the bat we had a lot in common ...we talked a lot the first couple days... Then he found he may be getting deployed .. We hung out things got "intimate" then he was pretty much super busy the next two days he said .. I'm like ok cool whatever ...I didn't hear from him so I text him im like hey if you're no longer interested please just let me know .. His response was no it's not like that how do I prove it. But then he goes back to not responding to me texts or barely hitting me up so a couple days later I ask again .. He says work has him super busy and he's sorry he is interested blah blah.. So now I'm just very short with him because that's how he is with me .. I will only send one message and I won't call him .. I feel like I looked super desperate calling and texting but that was simply because I really like him. He still texts me every morning but of course takes forever to text back and then I barely hear from him after work because he goes to the gym then cook and bed so he says .. What I don't understand if he's interested why is there no effort .. And Is it possible he isn't although I've asked twice and he claims he is


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  • its time you found another guy

    • Ok why? If you don't mind me asking? And how would I go about doing it.. Do I just stop responding or tell him I'm done

    • stop responding
      and why because he isn't making an effort which means he is either super busy or doesn't gives a rats ass and in either of the cases why should you suffer

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  • Stop contacting him. Delete and retreat. Sounds like he is putting forth minimal effort. He is either not interested and too chicken to tell you right out, seeing other girls, or too lazy to exert effort. I don't care what anyone says, a text is one minute to say hello. You tell me, no matter how busy he is, he doesn't have one minute to text? How about lunch break, dinner time, lying in bed before sleep, heck even the toilet if he needed to. He isn't giving you any space in his life; pull the bandaid off quickly and let this one go.

    Constantly contacting him when he doesn't do the same is rewarding his inaction.

    It sucks when someone we like doesn't feel the same, but once YOU decide to end it you will feel in control of the situation. This helps with getting over someone.

    • Ok so he's texting me now and I've been responding but I've been hella short.. Should I just completely stop responding?

    • Well, if he initiated, then respond. But don't contact him any more if he doesn't initiate. Just respond like it doesn't bother you at all, though, normal conversation.

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