What's going on with this girl?

So I've been on two dates with this girl, both been great, made out both times, lots of touching laughing and just general indicators of interest. She texts me after saying thank you for a great night and during the date suggests ideas for next time. However when I text her she normally takes ages when responding anywhere from 5 - 24hours, I know she does lead a busy life. normally I would assume her interest levels are low as normally girls usually respond fast to guys they like? However I always judge people by their actions and when we are out I get the feeling she's into me, I mean you wouldn't make out with someone you wernt interested in right? or even go on a second date with. So my question is, is she playing hard to get or possibly wants to take things slowly? and If so how should I handle it?


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  • Some girs are just slow at responding back. I know a lot of people who just don't have there phones handy. As a result, they don't text immediatly back. The key is once she responds does she text back a second time quickly. As In you send a text to her. She responds 4 hrs later. You respond withing one minute. After your 2nd text, does she respond quickly or does she take a while. If she responds quickly then I wouldn't worry about this. If she takes a while then I might get concerned. If you guys are having fun, don't worry about it. Txting is not a key factor in relationships. Communication is. This is why I wouldn't worry if she takes a while to initially respond. Also, sorry for any typos. My computer is very glitchy right now and I don't know how many errors I have. Hope this helps!


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