Girls, dating questions?

What are you biggest dating pet peeves when dating a guy? What are three of your non negotiables? Would you ever go dutch on a first date? Would you have sex on a first date? If he was the perfect man but treated you like shit, would you still be in a relationship with him? By shit I mean him telling you to make him a sandwich. What makes for good conversation? Would you ever do a threesome? What is your perfect idea of love? Doing this for a survey and research.


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  • 1- I dated a guy who bragged a lot, that was very annoying.
    2- I don't think I could date someone who doesn't like animals. I know it might seem like a detail to some. But to me, the way people treat things that are powerless or at their mercy is very revealing of their character.
    3- I would go dutch on a first date, it doesn't bother me, but it would make me suspicious.
    4- I wouldn't have sex on a first date, because I kind of need to know the guy and be comfortable with him first. If I'm not, I won't be excited about physical action.
    5- If he was the perfect man he wouldn't treat me like shit. But assuming he's perfect in every aspect except this one, I'd politely put him back in his place once or twice. If he keeps doing it, I'll leave.
    6- Good conversation... I guess is any topic that any of us is passionate about, but also really anything... My ex and I talked for an hour about which day of the week is the worst day. It was one of our first conversations ever, and it was a lot of fun.
    7- I would maybe do a threesome... If I was 100% comfortable with every participant :P
    8- My idea of love is partnership. I like to think of a couple as a sort of team. We'll fight sometimes, but we'll always have each other's back.


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  • Pet peeves would have to be when a guy isn't interested in what you have to say; when a guy looks at another girl in a flirty way; when guys are sexist or plain rude.

    I wouldn't have a threesome or have sex on the first date because i) that is just gross and ii) thats also incredibly disrespectful.

    if a guy was shit to me but the perfect man, I would dump his sorry ass. I ain't got time for any rude guys.

    Good conversation would be along the lines of asking about family, what they do, joking around. On the second date, you could probably start talking about dreams and as such.

    My idea of love is probably someone who you don't even need to be doing anything with or speaking, like just seeing and being with them is enough.


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