Online dating advice - is it worth texting a girl a second time if she declined to talk to me the first time?

my first guess would be no lol. but this beautifull(!!!!) girl (that i previously texted with no success) lately keeps coming to my profile and i dont know if i should try talking to her again. she would be able to see my first message, the one that she had in interest into replying, so would me trying to talk to her be another shot in the foot? or since she came to my profile a couple of times should i just go for it?
maybe im really overthinking this haha but i really thought that there was some unwritten rule about online dating that says, if she doesn't reply the first time, dont bother trying again, coz she's not interested.
opinions...? :D


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  • give it another try basically and if sjhe declines again better quit basically!


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