Girls, if ugly girls hit on me, does that means I'm ugly and they think they have a chance?

I'm worried because really unattractive girls hit on me all the time, I know this sounds horrible but I'm trying to be honest here. I absolutely hate it because it makes me feel like if they think they have a chance I might just be just as ugly. I've heard my other friends(guys and girls ) say the same thing.

It's not like I want a super model girl I just want a decent nice girl at the very least. I'm sorry if this sounds mean but I'm just as hard on myself so well I guess that explains why I overly criticals of other too


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  • Well firstly I'd like to say that you're far from ugly.

    Because unattractive girls approach you, that does not mean you are too. I don't know you, but there's a possibility that you may appear very approachable so they take their chances.

    Another thing is that attractive girls are very used to guys approaching them frequently, so they're less likely to do the approaching themselves. Sounds mean but unattractive girls notice they have to take it upon themselves and do the approaching themselves.

    • I guess that makes sense And yes I'm actually very friendly and try to help everyone as best as I can

    • Yes, it true that unattractive girls must work more because guy do not just come up to them. Not ur fault ^^

    • I guess thats a relief then

  • It sounds vain at first, but I can relate. I had some people recently try to set me up on blind dates with some guys. They keep setting me up with guys who are (no offense) but very overweight and it makes me feel like they think I'm really fat or something. I will admit that I'm more curvy than slim, but these guys are considerably over weight, like obese and it makes me feel very insecure. But honestly, just because ugly girls are hitting on you doesn't make you ugly. They just find you hot, and it could do a lot with your personality. If you're friendly or chill or outgoing than they probably think thy have a chance.


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