Should I tell my boyfriend we're done if he do this ONE MORE TIME?

He puts others' needs before mine. He cancels our plans for others. Yesterday he said we'll meet at 10 today. Guess what? He cancels it and make an appointment with others at 10 to party because they call him up. He always cancel me for others while I never cancel him for my friends, even my best friend. Plus, he's ALWAYS late for our appointment. Like ALWAYS AN HOUR OR TWO late! It's ridiculous. He's never late for appointments with others but ALWAYS VERY late for me. I'm over this. Should I tell him "If you cancel our appointment for other unimpotant things or be late for our appointment ONE MORE TIME, we're done!"?


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  • yes... sounds only fair basically... doesn't it? ;-)

    • I mean I think I spent more than 24 hours just waiting for him already. Each time it's an hour or two. It's even more frustrating when I said "No" to my friends for him, then he cancels me and leave me hanging in the house all day.

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  • There is No more Second, Third, Fourth and so on chance with this romance here, dear. As far as I am concerned, he doesn't Deserve this, doesn't Deserve you and He should be as of Now----Put yon your own Black list as "Cancelled."
    He isn't making you a top priority and is putting others before you that he feels will Not put up with his being 'Late' or even cancelling "Our appointments."
    You have already openly admitted 'He puts others' needs before mine,' and with This in Mind... time to say: NO MORE TIME.
    Good luck. xx

    • That makes sense. Thank you.

    • You are so welcome.. and while you are at it, tell Sleeping baby: "You snooze, you lose.":) xx

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  • Yes, if he keeps cancelling dates than you need
    call it quits with him, only you know how much
    you can take from him before it's time to call
    it quits..

  • I don't see the point of going out if you're never going out. Break up with him.

    • Yeah makes sense. I do go out sometimes (when none of his friends call him up) but only an hour or two later.

    • To me, that means he really doesn't care too much about spending time with you. If I had a girlfriend, I would like to spend plenty of time with her. I think you should break up with him.

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  • I'd break up with him now.
    Why would he do that?
    He doesn't seem to care about your feelings

    • I told him "You don't seem to care about my feelings at all. You put others need before mine. You're always late" and he said "Don't say like that. It's not true. I'm sorry". Then next time he cancels me, I said "You don't put others' needs before mine" and he screams "I'm so sick of arguing with you. Don't talk about this subject anymore". I don't even know what to do. I love him and everything and I put up with him more over a year already, I just can't talk it anymore.

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    • Sometimes I asked him "Then who's wrong? Me? or you?" He said "Whatever it's my fault", but never really do anything about it..

    • He says that to satisfy you.
      He really doesn't feel like he is in the wrong based on the argument he gives before.
      Someone genuinely sorry would make efforts to change.

  • girl, yes! ain't nobody got time to be waiting on a boy to grow some damn balls. i a mean why should you be the only one making this much effort into your relationship (your not the only one in it, right?). Not making time or paying attention to the other person needs is just straight up selfish, disrespectful and inconsiderate on his part.

    if he ain't ganna get his shit together giiiirl you deserve better. waaay better!

    • Thank you so much. I'll try my best to move on if he does this one more time. I love him and everything but I'm so done with his bs...

  • Yes, from what it seems he's not willing to spend time with you. Maybe you should to talk to him about it and tell him how you really feel.

    • Whenever I tried to talk to him about it he said "OK OK OK I know I will not do it again". Then he does it again. The whole sequence repeats.

  • I would have left. My ex used to ditch me to get drunk/high with his friends and get mad at me when I would make plans with my friends.

    • Hence he's your ex :) But how do you get over this though? I love him so much it hurts to even think about leaving him... but I just can't take this disrespect anymore...

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    • He always says he's sorry, he loves me, and he never put his anyone before me. But his actions are a complete opposite of what he says. I love him, and I'm stupid enough to believe what he says...

    • I was the same way, I kept waiting for 4 years. I was so in love and couldn't leave. Tell him that you are serious and if he does it again then leave. If he does leave and give him a couple of weeks, if he really cares he will change, but you have to make sure you show him you're serious or he will keep doing it.

  • Yea he should be making much more of an effort really.

    • That's also what I think. I love him and everything, but I can't put up with this bs one more time.

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    • I'll try to talk to him one last time. If he doesn't change... I'll try my best to move on... I love him so much it hurts to even think about leaving him, but i think this relationship gives me more anger and misery than joy...

    • If that's how it is, you'll be happier after. Feeling shitty in a relationship is one of the worst feelings, and til you leave you don't know that it was actually less painful to leave than to stay. Don't worry about it.

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