How can I stop myself liking someone who doesn't like me back?

So in the past 4 years I've only liked about 4 or 5 guys and none of them have ever liked me back. Recently, this guy has started talking to me a little bit online and my friends say he's interested but I really don't think he is, otherwise he would talk to me properly in an actual conversation not just a couple of 5 word messages and then no reply. Anyway, I can feel myself starting to like him, it's getting so that he's always on my mind and I'm constantly wondering about him or hoping I see him around college. I really don't want my feelings to develop in any way because like all the other guys, I know I'll just be upset when it doesn't work out. Please help me get over him, I can't go through that heart ache again!!


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  • Well I'm not a girl but I understand how feel, it's difficult to get over someone you really like, but I'd just not contact them anymore, try to focus on other things, school, work, friends, family, hobbies, anything to keep your mind from it and loose your attraction to him.


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