Guys, kissed, cuddled and almost made out with two guys in one day. Is it bad?

The first guy I had met a few days ago in his family's small shop where I got glasses. Then he was shy but I knew he liked me and he complimented my looks and eyes. He told me tp come back for tea. Later I got back
and he was so happy to see me. We talked, kissed a lot and hugged. He didn't want me to go. He looked broken when I left.

The second guy I randomly met on the same day in a bus station. We were from the same place originally so he invited me for coffee. He was staring at me all time and he clearly wanted sex. He said he wants to sleep wirh me, and I said it's too early! We went for dinner then he kissed me and touched me a lot- clearly sexually. He took my phone number and agreed to meet the other day. A few hours he texts me saying he wants me and he is coming. Lol. I didn't allow him.

Guys this is like overdose for me lol. Is it fine or weird!?


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  • Fine I guess, I mean you weren't going out with either of them but the second guy seems a bit pushy so my advice would be to go for the first one. :)

    • Yes that 's true. Thanks

    • But the problem is I am going back home soon. I didn't meet them in my country :(

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  • clearly you dont seem to have a very high self esteem why would you let 2 guys get intimate with you in less than 24 hours damn girl tf? o_O

    • How is it related to self-esteem?

      I actually didn't like it, but I didn't have sex with them nor taken my clothes off. Both guys appeared at the same time. It's a weird coincidence.

    • then why didn't you tell us that you didn't like it first of all also im asuming you let them continue hitting on you instead of telling them no?

    • I don't know. Maybe I am too nice. Especially with the second guy I didn't want it.

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