Would it be weird to ask him to hang out since we don't talk often?

I met a cute guy in the fall in one of my pe classes that i unintentionally fell for. We talked a few times in the fall, but not a lot. During the winter, we didn't have class together, so i never saw him. But its the beginning of the spring quarter and he's enrolled in the pe class we took in the fall. However, due to money issues, im dropping to part time status, so i won't be taking the class he's in anymore.

We're both swimmers, so i am thinking about asking him and his friend to come swimming with me and my friend(whom, like me, is also dropping to part time) during the open pool hours on campus.

I dont know if asking him to swim with me would be weird/creepy. I added him on fb and messaged him once about the class over winter break, but that was months ago. During class today,the 4 of us (me, my friend, him, his friend) talked a bit, but i dont know if he would find it weird if i asked him, since i haven't really talked to him much.



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  • Ask only him to go swimming with you to avoid any confusion.


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