He asked me out for a second date and has now disappeared. Why?

I went on a 1st date with someone who i met 4 years ago we went on a first date back then also...then he got back with his ex. This time...he complimented, asked questions, we went bowling, he was very affectionate in public and was showing interest. I did as well just not as eager as he was...I've been used and played with before so i'm a little hesitant. I was attracted to him both physically and emotionally i felt a connection. He asked me out for a second date for the next day was all happy and then boom gone not a word. He has been ignoring me now since sat and today is now wed night. So doing what every woman should I finally messaged him telling him this

""if you weren't interested you shouldn't have asked to see me again and could have at least be honest instead of ignoring me. I feel disrespected and played. I don't appreciate that very much. I thought the date went well but apparently not. So yea needed to speak my mind. Ciao"

Whether or not it was the right thing to do I don't know, but I'm 33yrs old..I don't have time for boys and their childish games. ...Prob here is I was really looking fwd and very excited to see him again and he didn't even give it a chance. Why? And who here thinks that he'll be back or stay away.


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  • Why would you send the message just to say you no longer wanted to talk? Do you hope is spurs some reaction from him? Of which you won't be aware unless he tells you? Conclude that he isn't interested and no longer contact him. It's a little petty to send a message of that nature, it doesn't really matter if you make him aware of how he made you feel, at this point, does it? He behaved that way and if you don't want any further interaction, then don't contact him. Or are you just looking for a response?

    • i don't appreciate when someone tells me i'd love to see you again tells me i'll see you tmrw. Then I text them the next day saying " just let me know if you still want to meet up again, time and where" and never hear anything back at all. I've been through this 1st date bs so many times that its aggravating and extremely frustrating. The first date was great.. actually best one i've been on in a very long time... and Like I said I really tried not to text him at all and didn't since sun., but i was trying to be as cordial as possible and give myself a little relief. But when a guy makes it obvious that he's ignoring me bc of fb and instagram? they make themselves just look stupid. Thats why I wrote it. I never said it was a smart thing to do but I'm to old for bs games.

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    • He didn't act the way you expected, and you may feel disrespected, but what's the purpose of the message? To try an hold him accountable for his actions? But for that happen, he needs to take responsibility, which is out of your control. So why not just accept the situation as it is, and conclude he isn't worth you time, and move on.

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