Can you help me choose between the two? Please help, it won't take long!

I can't decide between two guys and I would appreciate your opinions!

Guy #1: He is attractive, smart, very sweet, and dorky in a cute way. He seems to really like me. The negative thing is that he can be so nice it makes him kind of boring. (He spent his last summer at bible camp.) He is also a year younger.

Guy #2: Attractive, but not as much as guy #1; very nice, smart, more entertaining than guy #1. He is in my grade. Negatives: I can't tell whether or not he likes me, and some of his friends are jerks.

I would love to hear your opinion! Please and thank you! : )

*I just got over a bad boy so I'm sticking with nice boys for now.


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  • Guy #1. You listed a lot of positives and he seems to like you. Don't look at him attending bible camp as him being boring. This shows he has a good sense of this faith and probably has good ethics and values. Good guys are VERY hard to come by, you have a great opportunity here.

    Good luck.


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  • Go out with Guy #1, it's always best to pick the guy that likes you the most because he will treat you better. Even if he is boring, if he's with you maybe you can get him out there so he can be more interesting.

    Guy #2 is more likely to be a jerk. Birds of a feather flock together so if his friends are jerks he's likely to be one too. Also if you can't tell whether he likes you why would you pick him?

  • Oooo Def Guy #1 :)

    -he sounds like the good one lol :)