Do you date a person you don't know well or do you prefer starting a relationship with a friend you already know and love?

Title is le questions

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  • Friends first then relationship (not into dating)
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  • I'll date anyone who asks and get to know them better during the relationship
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  • Generally, somewhere in the middle. Not complete strangers, but not really close friends. I'm more likely to date casual friends, friends of friends, acquaintances, etc. I've done online dating too, but I'm the type who likes to get to know someone online for awhile before agreeing to go on a date.


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  • I don't date friends or people I know. I have a hard rule I stick to: if I've known her for a month and we haven't dated or slept together, she's just a friend and I move on permanently. Social circle dating = drama and messed up relationships.

    Strangers are so much better to date. You can get to know each other as you're dating, you don't have to worry about each other's friends, family, or other relationships until you choose to introduce them (or not, if things aren't working out). It just spares you so much drama. And you can structure your relationship however you want and not worry about what people think of you, since no one needs to know you're even seeing each other, if that's something that appeals to you.


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  • I think it depends on the person. I sometimes need time to get to know them, before I even consider stuff like that. But there are some people, who it justs clicks and I would date them, and get to know then in the process.

  • I don't date someone I'm already friends with. I date guys like a friend's friend.

    • what if a random guy asked you out?

    • rephrase - what if an acquaintance asked you out?

    • Uhmm it depends if I find him interesting

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