SOS: Having feelings for my ex's brother?

So here's the story, I was seeing this guy when I was like 15 for like 1 year. Now before I continue, I must say that our relationship was only over the phone and nothing more, nothing physical at all, not even a kiss, He was a little older than me and he was the first guy I ever talked to.
Now he had a brother my age and we were always really close and always got along well. I really liked him but for reasons I don't know, I ended up technically 'dating' the older brother. Time passed and the older brother and I stopped talking (I ended it because I found out that he lied about things) but his brother and I maintained a relationship, despite the fact that he now had a gf that hated me and forbade him from talking to me.
It's been over 6 years and the brother has recently broken up with the gf and we've started back talking, almost every day. He says a lot of things to suggest that he's always been into me (like remembering the first time I messaged him and times we spent together). I really like him a lot, we have such a good relationship and a good understanding. I have asked him about my 'ex' and what he would still of us talking and he said that to him (the bro I like) it doesn't matter because I doesn't want to lose me.
I really do have feelings for him, but I don't want to cause anything between brothers. I know people say that dating brothers is horrible, I would think the same, but being in this situation, I don''t know what to do. I just want to do the right thing for everyone, if that's possible. by the way the ex and I don't really talk often but we are friends


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  • If the other brother is okay with it it should be fine I personally wouldn't do it cause like you said it could cause fights between the two brothers.


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  • See how his older brother feels about it and if he has no problem then continue


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