Do some guys have low self-esteem based on experiences?

I occasionally view myself as ugly because when I'm at a store, there are times when the female clerk says "Thank you" to everyone, but not me.

customer 1: *receipt* "Thank you"
customer 2: *receipt* "Thank you"
Me: *receipt*, then I walk out.


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  • Almost everyone has self-esteem issues. They can be caused by experiences or medical conditions. Either way, it's nothing to feel ashamed/embarrassed about.


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  • Self-esteem comes from you're own hormones and neurology man! Of course experiences are also a part of it avoid tramatic experience


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  • Most GAG guys have low self-esteem. Look at the pathetic questions asked.

    These low-esteem men need to grow a pair and get over it. Their children will wind up like them and be low-esteem men and the cycle repeats.

    • Most people in general on GaG appear to have low self-esteem. Judging from your anonymous status, you're not that confident, either.

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    • @Opinion Owner

      What is your race? Just asking.

    • Oh, and stop calling virgin people serial killers. Only one guy did that stuff, and it doesn't mean every virgin is dangerous.

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