Am I a Pedophile?

Okay so im 14 and and i had a gf that was 12, I didn't know this at first I thought she was 13 almost 14, but before I went out went with her I liked girls my age, now I like 12 year old girls I dont know why maybe because I had such a fun time with her I really dont know, I think I'll get over it, do I need help
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Most Helpful Girl

  • No, you're not. You shouldn't be dating at your age but... that's just my opinion.

    A pedophile is an adult who is sexually attracted to children.

    You are not an adult. When you're 20 and she's 18 it will be different.

    Your age is just not a good one to date at. I'm gonna tell you right now neither of you are mature enough for a relationship.

    • Thanks for a honest answer

    • Thanks for MH

      I wanted to date when I was your age too. Wanted to date my current boyfriend. That thing basically blew up in our faces - not mature enough. Had to wait a few years lol

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What Girls Said 1

  • If you are in Canada no. I am assuming you are not exactly 2 years older then her. So technically you would be less then 2 years older so you are still good.

    • That website would have been helpful if I were Canadian but I'm in America


      I doubt it would be a legal issue to begin with. Besides she is only 2 years younger.

      Yeah you are a bit young to be dating but it's your choice. I would wait a little while before you have sex with her (again?)

      Lol if you think 2 years is a big deal my bf is 5 1/2 years older so when he turned 13 I would have been 7 lol I tease him all the time about it.

      Mind you we started going out when I was about to turn 21 so... Don't date a 7 year old!

What Guys Said 7

  • If you still feel the same way when you're in your 20's then you'll be a pedo.

  • Dude, you guy are still kids, that's not being a pedophile. I would've been concerned if you were an adult, but you're just 14.

  • Damn chester the molester you're going to get arrested

  • you're gonna go to jail

  • pedo if you are 41 attract on 12 yo girl

  • No, you are a kid atracted to a kid. You're only a pedophile if you're an adult wh likes kids. Whatever age you are if she's less than 5 years younger it can't make you a pedophile

  • Your 14 and she's 12 two year difference not a big deal it's not like your 18-19-20 and she's 12 then that would be wrong, your a young teen and so is she, you are not a pediophile. Also as long as you are not having sex either. U should be ok and date her!


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