Do women like guys who approach you more than guys who don't?

just want to know what women prefer
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He approaches you non creeply just a regular hombre interested in you


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  • Approacher, almost always.

    A guy can be a loser compared to you, but if he approaches girls constantly and you don't, he's going to be sucking tits while you're sitting in a dark room alone with your strong hand.

    In general, girls wait for guys because they dont have to make moves. Someone is going to make a move. The culture is changing slowly, but we aren't there yet.


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  • yes. most of us r too terrified to approach, so if he's actually got the balls to do it then it means so much more, because we know what he's risking for us.

    well i hope I'm speaking correctly for other women too, but this is my own view.

  • Yeah, it's nice when a guy is confident enough.
    It's not attractive, however, if he gets super clingy and doesn't get the message if I'm not interested at all.

  • If he approaches me first in a non creepy way then at least I know he might be interested in me.

    • Damn i should add more details xD

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    • Devolicious types. Unattractive don't know how to handle any sort of rejection.

    • Yeah, I hear Ted Bundy was considered attractive. Up to the point where he bashed their skulls in.

  • If he gives off a creeper vibe of some sort it's not cool. I wish more men were apt to approach because we women feel inappropriate doing the approaching. No one likes a jerk but an unconfident man will get nowhere.


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