My First 'Proper' Date.. ?

Hello gorgeous's!

So although I've done everything else haha, I've never been on a PROPER date, and to make it worse I've never even met the guy before so it's extra nerve wrecking haha ..
He seems PERFECT for me, and I reckon it's going to go really well.. But oh my god I'm so SO nervous lol!

Oh yeah, I'm going on the date tomorrow .. Forgot to mention that!

Dont worry we're meeting in a public place, and I know he's all legit haha.. Anyone have any tips ?!

What if there's awkward silences haha!?


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  • Dont think and dont prepare. Just look pretty and have an open mind.

    Once you choose to follow a set of rules and guidelines, you have severely limited the nuances of your character. You have to be free and in the moment. Let your instincts carry you through the night.


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  • Are you doing anything active on the date i. e. ice skating or bowling? If not do a little light exercise in the day before the date to get rid of nerves. Just relax and be happy. Most guys who really like a girl don't care what happens on the date as long as they think the girl is having a good time. Just ask him about his dreams for the future or what he really cares about in life. In the end just try to have some fun. Good luck!

  • First and most important is be yourself! ! Don't over stress the conversations. Let it flow. Overstreet and you will have the awkward silence.


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