I haven't kissed her yet...

OK well I'm in my first real relationship. I'm a sophomore in high school and she's a freshman. We've been dating for 19 days (yes I have been counting them lol :) ). We've hung out a few times out of school. The most sensual thing we have done is hug, bodies are almost on top of each other when we're sitting down. But I haven't kissed her yet. Partially because I'm scared, but also because I haven't had any legitimate 'alone' time with her. I mainly see her at school.

IS this bad, and how and where should I kiss her?


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  • Don't be afraid - there are very few ways to mess up kissing.

    Don't slobber, don't lick, don't breathe too heavily, no need to open your mouth all the way - shoot for the first few kisses no need to open your mouth at all.

    Next time you guys are hugging, practically on top of each other, kiss her softly. Start at her forehead and leave a trail of teeny tiny kisses down her face until you get to her mouth. Kiss her as softly as you can, one or two times, and see how she responds to that.

    Use kissing as a way to show tenderness at first; I'm sure she is just as nervous as you are.

    Good luck, sweet thing!


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