Is my crush gay?

I'm a girl and I met this very hot guy on OkCupid. He has a perfect body and dresses nice. He's never said I'm pretty even when I got dressed up for a very nice dinner date, instead he's complimented my earings, hair, and eyes. He uses TONS of emogees in texting and likes One Direction. Finally on the fourth date (the dinner date which he seemed overly excited for through text) he kissed me at the end. Luckily, it was passionate and lasted a good amount of time but still.

Lastly, one time we were talking and he asked "how do you feel about homosexuals?" I said I was completely fine with them, then he said "okay, I'm not saying I'm gay, but my friend is a lesbian and we hung out today." I feel like he shouldn't have had to clarify he isn't gay...
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Most Helpful Guy

  • If he was gay he would be looking for guys on OkCupid, not girls. Don't stereotype his behaviour... people can like feminine things and still like to have sex with women. Who cares? If you like him, and he likes you, nothing else should matter.

    Basically, if he wants to date a girl, he is not gay. Could he be bi? Sure, but that shouldn't change anything. If he wants to date you, he will date you. He probably felt that he had to say "I'm not gay" because he gets accused of being gay frequently because of his interests.


Most Helpful Girl

  • that's hard to tell. I think you are over thinking.


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  • Just ask him and what will you do if he is?

    • I can't ask him that would upset most anyone, gay or not. But if he does end up being gay I just hope I clarify it soon cause I really really like him and that would be a big disappointment. I'd stay good friends with him though.

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