Am I good sketch artist? will I make it as an artist?

Please give an opinion, im reallyy insecure about following my dreams


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  • Your technical skills need improvement. You've got a great eye but your hand just isn't their yet. Have you taken any formal training yet? For the record I am an artist who has shown work, own a media promotional company that focuses on art, and used to work at a high end gallery.

    • what technical skills?

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    • i get what you mean, but can you draw without reference?

    • I have, I'm not very good at it. Like I said it's well done.

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  • I'm not gonna sugarcoat it.

    They're not that great. The faces look distorted, because you're trying to copy the photo you're referencing rather than drawing the actual person in it. It's a common rookie mistake.

    But if you have the passion for art, you can most definitely improve.

    I highly advise learning to draw the human form in general, not focus on faces or details. Just the raw body or face shape just so you can understand how human anatomy works. The website posemaniacs. com is brilliant for that, because you get 3D human shapes in different poses and you can move them around to any angle.

    The website will also help with understanding how lighting affects your drawings, so you know when and where to apply shadows.

    I think anyone can be a brilliant artist. Talent isn't something everyone has, but if you learn how to do shit properly, you acquire SKILLS, which I think is a lot more impressive, than being able to draw off the bat due to some miracle.

    Skills > talent.

    • are you an artist?

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    • Whats the point if its perfect? what do you mean , bad lighting? you try to pick up a pencil and draw !

    • If you don't understand what I mean by bad lighting, it's because you're not very good at what you do.

      You copied photos without the understanding of how source of light affects your work. This why the people you drew don't look very realistic. They look flat. They also look distorted, because you don't have the understanding how to draw the shape of a human face.

      Stop trying to deflect criticism by pointing fingers like a child. I draw with my lovely pencil collection, what's your point?

      This is not about what I draw. You asked whether you were good and if you're gonna make it as an artist. I gave you a solid answer and provided good advice on how to improve.

      Don't get upset over people telling you the truth.

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  • i like your style!
    i think you are very talented!
    but ask yourself what makes you different? if you are just doing things others are doing you won't stand out

    • i have no idea... what makes me different?

    • Thats for you to find out or see, in your work =)
      i am not an artist lol, i wouldn't know
      But most famous/successful artists stood out, from others...

  • You really need to learn anatomy. Your drawings are flat because you are copying a flat image. A good place to start is to take art classes at your local community college. Start with the basics, then take life drawing classes (drawing from nude models).

    An understanding of anatomy is the foundation of drawing people (or animals, for that matter).

    Yes, I am an artist. I've been drawing all my life, and I've taken the classes I referenced above. A photograph can be good source material, but don't simply copy the photograph. You need to be able to draw a three-dimensional image using your knowledge of the underlying structure of the human figure. I rarely use photos or models for my drawings. I draw from my imagination using the skills I've learned.

  • Doesn't matter how good you are, it matters how well you can sell.

  • Yes you are awesome

  • Beatifull :)


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  • I'll say this, you need to learn the basics of shading and tone and drawing details before you proceed to drawing actual people. Like MaskedSanity said, practice drawing basic human body parts and facial features and perfect the techniques needed to make them look realistic. If you draw from just pictures you won't improve. If you were looking for people to gush over your drawings and tell you they're perfect, then you came to the wrong place. We're giving you constructive criticism so don't take it personally.

    • i can draw from life, i have sketch people infront of me in about 20 min flats, so thats not an issue

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    • yep:) i even got paid for it once, and by the way i dont want my drawings to be perfect... thats not art, thats copying, my sketches are just my style, its not supposed to be perfect

    • I see, well if that's your style then it's fine I guess :)

  • Ur great, keep it up and dont draw from photos ❤

    • why?

    • U lose the sense of light and modeling. Draw from life as much as possible. Use photos for reference for pieces yea but sketching draw from life

  • Don't be offended.
    Your sketches are not that good, but there's always room for improvement.

    • LOL... yea you try sketching that honey

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    • So your opinion doesn't matter, you can't even sketch.

    • Neither can you.

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