Girls, what type of guy's do you like?

I am a bit lonely but i have a lot of friends, i am not attractive, but i have a good personality if that's the right word. I am very shy, but when i finaly get to know people, they see that i am a funny guy, i never make fun of people, and i treat everyone with respect. I want people to feel safe with me and know that they can talk about everything they want. But my economy is low and i don't have a car because thei can't give me driving lisence because of my eye's.

What do you want from a guy to like him?


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  • I don't think your look is important. I used to have a crush on a guy who is overweight but he's very nice person and he has a girlfriend! Trust me most girls like the guy who is nice!
    (Sorry my English is bad!)

    • That's good that you don't think so. I understand what you mean, so your English is good enough for me :)

    • Thanks!!! :D

  • What do I want from him? That sound too materialistic. Not all girls are after material things, you know

    I personally just want someone who would like me for who I am, be with me no matter what happens and always make me feeli appreciated. Not necessarily flowers but just his actions.

    • thnx. Good to hear that there are girl's like you. :) Here in Norway there are too many materialistic people.

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