Do some girls really not care about having more intellectual conversations when dating?

This is something that isn't that common to find in general with friendships but i've found its even more the case in relationships.

Like disinterest in philosophy, disinterest in the details of the relationship and the differences, no interest in discussing them.

I guess there is a more non confrontational attitude girls have that stems with this but it seems so rare to find girls you can actually communicate with beyond surface level


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  • 1. Some people don't have much interest or knowledge in intellectual topics.
    2. Some people may have an interest in these things, but feel intimidated or shy about talking about them (fear of judgment, fear of confrontation, fear of sounding stupid, etc.).

    And I find that these things are true of some women and some men.

    Personally, I love having intellectual conversations. My partner and I can talk for hours about philosophy, religion, science, politics, and so on. That said, I prefer to talk about these subjects with someone I feel comfortable with and who I know isn't going to be judgmental.


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  • My best advice is know your times.
    Your very right that some women A) aren't smart enough to play a smart conversation. B) dont care to have a smart conversation. C) some are like there male counter parts and just want ass
    Some women will be very enthralled by these tyoes of conversations but even those women dont want them all the time or especially in the beggining.
    Remember women want the real you just maybe not all at once and right away.
    Stick to thr friendly conersations in the begining of a relationship and should it begin to develop allow the conversations to naturally find depth.

    Yes not too many are interested in the first place least at younger ages, and even older ages they dont want to waste time thinking and talking about it they want to live it. Dont define your world so much that you aren't living in it.

    When u find a women who enjoys those talks pick your times when u get deep, ensure the mood and atomosphere especially are correct


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  • Are you trying to force deep, intellectual conversation on the first date? I don't think most people would want that - male or female.

    Personally, one of my favourite things about a new relationship is the progression into more and more meaningful conversations. It starts out light and fun and as you get to know each other you share more of your passion, your values, your beliefs and ideas. But those are things most people are more comfortable sharing and discussing with someone that they feel connected to, not just some person they're on a date with.

    Maybe that's the problem? Not that women don't care to have those conversations at all.

  • I would love to have intellectual conversations it lets you find out what each person is passionate about.


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  • Your trying to get water from a stone.
    We are in a "brat" generation. You will NOT find a girl with a decent conversation, intellect or a topic other than her, her and her again.
    If you do find one, its a miracle.

  • Dating should be lighthearted and fun. Talking about abortion or capital punishment on date one is too deep, too fast. Or perhaps you are in to things like string theory or quantum gravity--those get a bit technical, so why expect a stranger to be conversant in such a specialized topic, when statistically, they just aren't going to be? Who wants jargon spat at them by a stranger who then judges them for it?

    I think you need to chill out on the heavy stuff and just learn to be a pleasant, enjoyable person to be around first. A little trust and investment needs to be built first.

  • basically only intelectul girls would be int such conversations... no?


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