Girls, would you date a guy who is afraid of flying and doesn't know how to swim?

Would you think a guy like that is not fun and out going? My opinion is this, he can still be fun and out going like going horse back riding, and riding go karts or dirt bikes.

I hope you wouldn't think he's lame for being afraid of flying, cause women are afraid animals like dogs and cats. Just saying.

You'd probably be thinking he's suppost to be the man, but at the same time he's still human.
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  • Hahaha.. why not? As long as he doesn't expect me to ride a horse, we're cool. Planes and heights in general scare the shit out of me but I still want to do all of it. I'm really adventurous, but man.. riding? I hate it!

    • Of course I ment him being afraid to where he would never ride on a plane or even bother trying to learn how to swim.

    • It's still OK as long as he doesn't really expect me to appoach a horse for any reason.

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What Girls Said 6

  • You better have some damn good fun ideas, then... these suggest afraid of somewhat danger with no idea if fear will find us at home all the time.
    Seriously, if great dancer, fun conversationalist, semi-chef & lover are not in the cards, this billboard says... dullsville

    • He can take you out to the casinos and I did say go kart racing, also there's ice skating.

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    • Agreed - that most vacationers want to (or only skilled to) eat, sleep, sex, lie & read, walk, shop... and who would argue that's their reward for stressful jobs that paid for it?
      Bowling used to be fun, then it took burgers & beer to liven it up... now I see even golf ranges like this?
      Ice, cold = count me out, too much history there
      Done with camping, rock climbing & sky diving and especially the docs with hands out for repairs.
      Forgot to add fishing, the best sort is fly/streams/trout in warm weather - a lot of this has been ruined due to not enough police and too many selfish lawbreakers.
      Gym - usually a gal way to workout but my workouts are ALL outdoors, except for dancing.
      Love the comedy, hate the clubs.

      Again, your match will come - good for you to expand the possibilities = good ad

    • I didn't mention fishing, cause not that I'm against it, but since you have to be quiet to not scare the fish away, I thought you might think it's lame.

  • Lol we're afraid of dogs and cats, huh? Lmao

    See... flying and swimming are things I really enjoy. I also like horseback riding. Curious why he's afraid of the other two but not the horses? Horseback riding is much more likely to kill you than flying.

    • Maybe he'd be looking at it like this, at least riding horses is on land and it depends on how you ride them, he probably knows not to try a race another person who's also riding a horse, but instead riding the horse gently.

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    • But... I go to the beach to be in the water and jump off the pier.

    • And that's fine, you can be in the water, as long as he's sitting on the sand watching you have fun, cause he knows it's not all about only his enjoyment, otherwise that would make him selfish.

  • Yeah -cuz he can learn those skills later on

    • but what if he has no plans of ever wanting to learn? he'll probably be looking at it like this, if he wants to travel, he'll just take a greyhound bus

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    • Since he wasn't born with them skills to over come them fears, would you still date him?

  • I can't swim and the only time I've flown was when I was 3 months

  • Well i live on a sailboat so i dont think id be comfortable having him over if he couldnt swim...

  • Sure, sounds cute. I'm not afraid of animals though and I don't really dig guys who makes generalizations :)


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