Why is this guy flattering himself when I barely did anything?

I was flirting with this guy till he shut me down and said he'd never do anything as even talk to me around his friends because I have no social status at school and of what I do it's bad. (It's highschool by the way lol). Total asshole.

But now whenever he sees me he thinks I'm crazy over him and tries to make a scene in his head that I'm following him and crushing mad over him. When I'm not at all! I don't even like him now after what he said to me!

He's searching for me to look at him and will show off and flex in class infront of me or try to get my attention somehow, but I know his game and I totally ignore him now.

Whats his problem? Why does he think so highly of himself and why is he looking for me to go after him? Is it confidence problems?


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  • It's most likely confidence issues, yes. High school guys may very well have an ego, but that ego is super fragile, and is generally very different internally than the ego they project.

    Ignore him and it should slowly fade away. If you don't want to wait that long, focus your attention on another guy. Flirting with someone else instead of him will reinforce the fact that he is no longer someone you have any interest in. He is just posturing in front of his friends trying to come across as an alpha. Choosing someone else over him, or making it clear you would rather be alone than with him, knocks that down a peg.

    • Cause it's super annoying, I barely even talked to him and he's making it out to be that I'm crazy about him.

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    • I feel ya. Thanks

    • You're welcome. Good luck :)

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  • your not looking at him anymore so he just wants to no someone is all ways looking at him. keep doing what your doing he's an air head.


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