Girls, why do so woman lead men on without saying I am no interested?

This girl that I was dating tells me she surgery. However, she been recovering for 6 month or more. She tells me she too weak to talk on a phone. She tells me it OK to text or chat her. She been really depressed from what I could gather. Now, today she updates her Facebook status as in a relationship. She told me she was with no one else. I just bought her a gift. I did it to make her feel better because she was so sick. I really don't understand her motives. I really don't bug her much. I send nice message and texts, she like that I do that. Girls, need some help.forget her? Cancel the gift?it already shipped.
Did not say who is was in a relationship.


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  • She might mean you lol text her and ask her, but honestly she isn't in any position to have a relationship right now, i don't think she's leading you on just wrong time... she probably feels lonely, but you haven't even met in person yet... so i think if she's freaking you out with the relationship thing to tell her to slow it down, there is a difference between someone on the internet and over texting then meeting someone in person, i think your getting too ahead of yourself, maybe same as her too.

    • We have date in person and been intimate

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    • Now that would just be childish just to get back at her...

    • True, I'm just joking

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  • Did it say who she was in a relationship with?
    And as an answer to why women lead men on some want to have their cake and eat it to. Others are afraid to break another persons heart.

    • No, it did not say who she was in a relationship

    • I will know once she get the gift if she reacts because she will have to say something. I would if I bought someone something.

  • Maybe she means you... just ask her

    • I'll have to find out.

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