Girls, what would you do if you dated a guy who happened to have a small penis?

I don't mean a micropenis (below 3 inches) since that's a deal breaker for most girls but a guy who's anywhere between 3 to 5.5 inches. Would you continue dating him if you happened to be attracted to him physically and for his personality? Or would you dump him because he is too small for your taste?
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  • My dildo is 4inches long and I love it. I like smaller to average size penises. And yes, I have had sex with a "well endowed" man. It was bad.
    Big dick+bad sex= HORRIBLE PAIN
    Average to small dick+bad sex=mediocre or eh sex.

  • No second date... the end!

    • Haha okay but do you fuck on the first date? Cause it's creepy for guys to tell their dick sizes to girls on their first dates. Whether big or small.

  • 5.5 inches would be enough for me. I'm short so my vagina is proportionate to my size and seriously if I'm in love with the guy I could care less about his penis. that's just the way it is.

    • Okay but what about a guy who's anywhere from 4 to 5 inches? Or anywhere between 3 and 4? I doubt love would make a girl stay with a guy who has a micropenis (under 3 inches).

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    • Okay but in the beginning of the dates, no one is in love so if a guy pulled out a 3 inch, 4 inch, or a micropenis then would you continue seeing him or dump him? I mean you're not in love so.

    • continue seeing him. Like I said penises are no big deal.

  • Continue. I'm not hung up on penis size, as long as he's attentive and not selfish in bed (which a guy of any penis size can be like, and it's a deal-breaker). Besides, there's a bunch of other things more important to me when dating someone. He should be more worried if he's allergic/dislikes dogs, lol.


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