How do you choose between 2 girls?

When in a room with a bunch of guys and only two girls. Which one would you approach if both seem like the average girl. But one "gets around"?

I have this problem. One of my girl friends. Well she's been known to get around. And then there's me. I've been with guys but nothing like her. I guess you can say we're both pretty (? ). And we don't have perfect bodies. One thing that I could never really understand is why guys always approach her! Not to be mean (she's my best friend) but she's fat. However she doesn't have a problem with it. Me. I'm chubby. Bout 20-30 lbs less than her, but I'm really self-conscious for some reason.

So really I have two questions:

1. Can guys "sense" or can they tell when a girl is pretty much willing to do anything with them?. If so, is that why she gets hit on so much?

2. Or is it because she is content & confident with her body. And I'm not?. Even if I don't show that I'm so self conscious can guys notice that I am?


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  • I'm sure confidence plays a part. But if she gets around, she's either good at making sure the guys can "sense" her willingness, or the word is out that "no" isn't in her vocabulary. Being forward is OK, but I don't need a girl who gets around, since I'll eventually be the one left without a chair when the music stops.


What Girls Said 1

  • Guys probably know that she sleeps around and that's probably the only reason she gets any play. No offense, but from what you stated, if you took sex out of the equation I doubt she would get that much attention.

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