Are there signs guys want you to say "I love you" first?

Are there any guys out there who prefer the girl to drop the L-word first? If so, what signals would you give her so that she does?
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  • I never think about either one having to say it first. I'll say it when I truly know that's how I feel about a girl. If I say it to her I don't expect her to say it back. Me loving her doesn't mean she will love me back. So many people say "I love you" only because they just want their partner to say it. For me it will most likely be months maybe years before I'll say it.


Most Helpful Girl

  • That honestly sounds kind of shady, like you're withholding love because you don't want to get hurt, like it's not OK to let them know how you feel unless they feel it too. I'd rather that whoever feels it first, will just say it so that the other person can be honest about it. If they don't feel it, I'd wanna know so that I can stop wasting both our time.


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  • "say it because i'm bored basically"

    that's what i'd tell

  • If I felt that way about someone, I would just say it, not give the girl a signal to say it first.

    • He's sort of hinted around about it. Well, maybe I just take it that way. He's told me that there are certain things he can't say or it would scare me away. Also, he has mentioned that he wants something to happen in our relationship that's out of his hands. Says that it's something that could happen anytime, day or night. And hopes that it'll happen ASAP. I think he's referring to L-bomb, but could be reading too much into it. I already asked if it was sexual favors, so no need to go there :)

    • I guess just say it and see what happens, only way to find out.

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