So I like a guy... from a different religion?

i like a guy who is sikhism and i am cathlic.befor i liked the guy i asked my parents what if he is not cathlic? they said that i could have a relationship and iff i do endup marrying him i should have a equal right in what religion happens but if you know about sikhism they have tottaly diffrent belifes. and ther is two diffrent ways this could playout 1 he comes from a strickt religion and can't date untill he thinks its for mairrage and we are consderd very young ( 7th grade) the second is less strick and his parents wouldn't care. i am pretty sure he likes me but evn if he dosnt then this would be good to know .


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  • You're still young, you are talking like you want to get married. there's nothing to worry about.


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  • So long as what you believe keeps you from stabbing me in the line for the ATM, who cares?


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