Girls, would you date a guy who likes European sports?

I live in USA but I am originally from South Africa (Indian) and I grew up watching Cricket, Rugby, Football(soccer) and Formula 1. So would you date a guy who likes European sports but hates American sports such as basketball, baseball and American football. I prefer sports that I am familiar with than those i have no interest in plus I am not like other immigrants who sacrifice their identity and "americanize" themselves just to fit in. I speak how I want and I watch what I want not what the majority watches.


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  • Ummmm HELLS ya! However, I won't date a European. They never seem to grow up and they are babied so much by mommy.

    • Soccer is my LIFE too.

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    • Yeah, I agree. Way too short. I love the beach.

    • I've only been to the beach once. But I do love swimming.

  • It's fine I really wouldn't care.
    These people are not selling out their culture to fit in. Some of them genially are interested in American culture so they choose to watch and enjoy it. I fucking love k-pop (Korean pop music) and if I move to korea I'm not selling my Americanism out, I just like Korean culture but also happen to have moved there. Which is fine because just like you can like European things they can like American things

    • Yes you're right but for example Indian immigrants when they move to USA they pretend like they don't like Cricket anymore because no one likes Cricket in america they join the bandwagon.

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