Do GUYS say the love you if they don't really mean it?

I know some guys actually mean it but do you think some guys just say because they either want sex or they think that's what you want to hear. I'm in a real confused space with the guy I'm dating. He told me he thinks he's in love with me. I told him when you really are you should know and feel it. A couple weeks went pass and he finally said "I love you".

Now what confuses me is he says it daily BUT we barely have time to see each other. I mean when I have free time I break my neck to make an effort to see him and I just don't feel like he's doing the same. I expressed that to him through text and woke up to a missed call from him. But when I called back he didn't answer. I haven't heard from him since. Today I sent him a generally hi...he replied back saying "hello" and I replied back asking him what he was doing before I went into wondering if he seen the text or not....but I didn't get a response back. What do you think this means and what should I do?


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  • It sounds like he loves you, but is just really busy at work and the two of you keep missing each other.

    As for lying yes, some guys will lie to get laid, but afterwards they really won't bother saying it because they got what they wanted so they will drop the pretense.

    Is there any time during the week you can set aside for just the two of you? When you can both be relaxed without the time constraints of work, or one of you breaking your neck?

    • Here's the thing, for the last week I've been trying to see him. We'll pick a time and when that time comes he either forgot or had to do something else.

    • Just one week? That is ok, but I would be firm with him. Tell him to look over his schedule and make a time he is 100% sure that he isn't doing anything and see you. Try and set up like a "date night" like every Sat. night for instance.

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