When to go from dating to bf/gf?

How soon do you go from just dating a person to actually being boyfriend and girlfriend? What is the difference between the two? Are there signs when the time to do so feels right? How do you go about being up the subject with the person your dating?


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  • I typically have a list a woman has to pass. It is no different than if a woman has her own list for me to pass. After that list has been passed I have sex with her to make sure my urges can't get in the way and think long and hard about if I truly love her. Then I will decide to commit or not


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  • My bf and I met on Dec 4th, we went on our first date on Dec 11th, and we were official Dec 25th.

    It depends on the people involved how long it takes. My bf and I both knew what we wanted (which turns out was more or less matched the description of the other) and we were both straight forward about it.

    I am pretty sure we are an exception to how long it takes to get serious about someone. We just had a lot of chemistry and compatibility.

    The main difference between dating and being in a relationship is when you are in a relationship you are exclusive and it means more as opposed to just seeing them.

    You should bring it up when you honestly want to get closer to the other person and you are interested in being with them for the next while.

    How I brought it up was I was driving and I said
    "so yeah just wondering are we boyfriend and girlfriend? " and he said yes. I might have asked if he wanted to be boyfriend and girlfriend. But the conversation went something like that.


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  • when it already feels like you are, you ask them what theywant and dtr


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