[Poll for everyone] Make it or Break it?

If you met someone who is everything you'd want in a date (fun personality, smart, successful, romatic) but you aren't physically attracted, would you make it work or find somebody new?

This is based on another person's question, and the responses made me want to do an experiment of sorts.
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Thanks for participating. I mostly asked this because I assumed, and it's a common stereotype that, guys would "break it" more often than girls would. There's not enough samples to claim anything, but it does show that this stereotype probably isn't very useful. There could be biases related to the culture of this website, but I tried pretty hard to make the question as gender- and option-neutral as possible, and it helped that it was a blind poll. Hope this was insightful.


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  • No, I would not date them. I don't care if a guy is hot, but I'm not going to date someone that I don't find attractive physically. They don't have to be the most toned guy ever, or have 6 pack abs or muscular, but I need to have that physical attraction. Without it, I wouldn't feel right and it wouldn't be fair to either one of us. If I had all the qualities that a guy is looking for in a girl, but he doesn't find me physically attractive, I wouldn't date him either. I want someone that likes all of me. Not half.


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  • Make it. Even dorks look cute. As long as it's not that he smells like armpit or something nasty like that..


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