Should I start randomly asking girls in dates?

I've been waiting to ask one girl out at a time. Like a special girl who stands out and seems different than others. I didn't just want to date a lot of people just because. No however I've realized most of the girls that stand out seem to complicated. Should I just ask multiple girls out. Anyone who just stands out a slight amount. Or should I continue to wait for a special girl that stands out for sure that I find amazing form the beginning? Also I've never been on a date and have low confidence and self esteem, which is better for me?


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  • Wait for the "perfect girl", I mean you don't seem like a douche or you wouldn't be here asking the question so why become one?

    • True, I'm just getting impatient i guess 😕

    • Whyy i mean shure relationships are great and happy and all but that doesn't mean you need to be in one 24/7 its okay your perfect girl will come 😊

    • I've never been in a relationship.

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  • I recommend lots of socializing in a non-dating setting with groups of people. Good practice for social interaction, good social interaction, and you'll get a chance to know people... it can be easier to ask someone out if you share an interest and you've got an idea that you can already be friendly with them. Dancing (ballroom, contra, maybe blues if you can be relaxed about it) is an option - I met 2 gfs through dancing. Other social activities exist :)

    But I don't recommend just randomly asking slightly interesting girls out. It's an easy step from there to "creepy guy who is always hitting on the girls."

    • I've been taking a ballroom class for a while. I have no problem talking to people or girls for that matter. The only trouble is expressing feelings for them. I thought maybe asking girls on dates might help. It would just be fun innocent dates.

    • Ah; I see what you mean.

      In that case, going for it might be the thing to do. It also sounds like letting the girl involved know you're not looking for anything too serious yet might be a good idea? I suppose I'm hoping you won't end up staying in a relationship that doesn't work out for you :) That's not fun. But if someone interests you enough for a date, okay.

    • Oh I hadn't thought of that either. Thanks I'll keep that in mind.

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  • "randomly asking girls out"

    Don't be a man-whore lol or be one if that's your thing.

    • No sex or anything. I would just go on a single date with any random girl I might possibly be interested in dating.

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    • I guess it's least extreme would be like hand holding or something huh lol😊

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