How do I approach a girl I'd be interested in dating?

Obviously I'd introduce myself and start a small conversation. But how do I proceed. Do I ask her for her number , a date or what?
  • ask for her number only
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  • ask her on a small date like for coffe and get her number
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  • ask to meet up again (no number)
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  • give her your number
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  • ask her on a date the same day
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  • Ask her if she would like to meet with you again in a casual setting (like going for coffee), and if she agrees, then give her your number.


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  • First of all, don't ask her for a same-day date. She'll probably turn you down. Just walk up to her, ask her what her name is (if you don't already know), chat with her for a few minutes, then tell her you want to take her on a date and ask her for her phone number. If she gives it to you, take a few days to plan a cheap but memorable date such as a coffee shop or reasonably priced restaurant. Then call her up, tell her you want to take her out for dinner/coffee/whatever, and you'll pick her up on Tues./Wed./whenever at 7:00/8:00/whenever. If she accepts or gives you another day/time that will work better for her, congratulations! You got yourself a date. If she gives you one of a million excuses for why she can't go, toss her phone number and move on.


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  • Talk to her, show her you are fun, find something in common (anything, whaterve. Rock climbing, ice skating, Sushi, movies, anything). Say she seems like a really fun girl and you'd like to get to know her better, "we should do xxxxx [thing we have in common], can I get your number so we can set something up?"

    Don't just go for the number.. They might not feel connected to you yet, they don't know if you're a wierdo that'll call all the time. Prove you are fun and give her a taste of WHAT you will be doing next time. Show you're a gentleman. Be fun, be confident.

    Good luck brother!

  • Yes, ask her number.


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