What are some fun, unconventional date ideas?

Have you ever been on a date like no other? One that you will probably always remember and compare others to.
Or one that you would do for someone special?


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  • 1) Mini-golfing / go-karts / batting cages.
    2) The local arboretum or botanical garden.
    3) The local planetarium.
    4) Balloon ride (this can be expensive unless you're in a big group).
    5) Skydiving (expensive but you'll never forget it).
    6) The local art-house theater, where they're showing movies that aren't so mainstream.


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  • i really like aquariums!
    or you could take them to a fashion show my friend did that, he is well known and knows a bunch of models, the girl he brought got really jealous and protective of him, he likes that lol!

  • I took a girl out once and this is what we did:

    I picked her up in the Jeep which she offcourse wanted to drive so i let her.

    We went to a pizzeria and had probably the best pizza ever

    Then i took her kayaking to a private reef and we went snorkeling with the turtles

    Afterwards we went back and had a picknick on the beachhouse balcony with some whine and some pasta i cooked

    Then i played her a song on the piano and we actually did a duet together.

    Then the night ended with a bowl of Saralee and icecream and some good ole netflix

    • Damn dude. That's amazing.

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    • Damn id say you must be rich to do all that

    • Not really man i work really hard i dont depend on my parents.

      Im in the military and proud of it

  • An afternoon of baking or a maybe a short hike/bike ride would be fun

  • No that shit is lame and for the movies not real life. Two people who dig each other can go on a fucking walk and have a blast.


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  • I wish! But hey, just wanted to say I love your profit picture! So adorable! An elephant underwater <3


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