Tips on getting a guy interested in you?

So I am hanging out with a friend and her really attractive brother tomorrow night. The problem is everytime I see him I get really awkward and nervous and don't talk much lol so I just want to make a really good impression tomorrow to fill up the awkward silences and get a conversation flowing.

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  • Ask your friend about one thing that he's really passionate about and the just ask him "Hey, your sister told me you like (____), tell me more about it :)".
    If you show interest in him, he'll show interest in you. You'll notice that right after he finishes talking about that topic, he asks you something about yourself.

    Try to look him in the eyes when he's talking, it's really powerful when trying to make someone be interested in you, and like you.


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    I think if you smile , it will put him at ease and help him see you easy to approach.
    Watch your body language. Keep it open and lively. You don't want to look closed off.
    Try to keep him in every conversation because you might tend to talk to your friend more so you don't get awkward.


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  • just bring up, his passions and seem interested smile and nod
    if he likes soccer, bring that up

    "Hey weren't you on a soccer team in high school?"

    Or mention something in your surroundings

    lets say you are the park, "Dont you just enjoy watching the clouds sometiem?" lol!
    get creative!

  • If that is really you in that pic, just wink and say you love Led Zeppelin... that would work for me.

  • What do you know about the guy? Ask him about what he is doing or wants to do with his life. Just be relaxed and have fun.


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