Can I tell one of my good guy friends I like him, in a date type of way, or would it become real awkward real fast?

I have liked this guy for a while now and we are friends and everything. But at school some people would just be like to me "oh you and him would make a cute couple". But i don't know how everyone knows, but should i tell him i like him or not?


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  • You must be in high school or less... it happens. If you could call him a good friend, then I've got news for you... the second part answers your question. "it would become real awkward real fast" then you risk losing him.
    Keep your friend hon, don't listen to "friends"... I did the same and my girl friends still love me.

    • we're not like talk every day friends but we are still pretty close. like we trust each other and everything but like we have dated before and im worried that it might have something to do with it. we have talked more than usual lately due to some bitch i used to call a friend and he was the one to tell me that she had back-stabbed me.

    • Darling, you asked ME, so im looking out for You. The safest way to get out of this is to tell your friend you want to keep it that way. Yea sure, he told you she backstabbed you... do you have proof?
      Look, ... ugh... can't do it out here.. but the solution is simple... trust me.. keep your friend.

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  • Yes tell him but be prepared in case he doesn't feel the same. I had a crush on this guy when I was in the 8th grade, I never told him turns out years later I found out he liked me. I've regretted not telling him ever since.


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  • don't tell him now, give him some time. if he really likes you, he will surely give you hints, or positive signs :) best of luck :)


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