He doesn't want anything to with me?

i thought we were friends but this guy who was interested in ''hanging out'' with me, doesn't even want to speak to me anymore, he is being really mean, but he said that if i ever needed anything he will be there for me but he lied, he thinks im childish and an attention seeker, just because i didn't wanted to have sex with him, because im still a virgin, i walked away when he dropped his pants and i was really upset, after that we fought over text and demaned an answer, i apolegized and we met up again, he tried two more times and i refused to touch him. After that he asked another girl and she slept with him obviously and i didn't and told him i was meeting up with another guy , he got pissed , after 5months i contacted him because i guess i felt lonely...he said that i was seeking attention and i should keep trying and said byeeee , who is in the wrong?


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  • Why are you stalking him? You were a girl he didn't Even sleep with 5 months ago and you are still on about him? Wow lol

    • im not stalking

    • That is the definition of stalking my dear

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