Guys, please explain guy's behaviour? i'm confused?

how does a girl know she scared a guy away by sth she said or did..
because the guy im dating and falling for, told me visiting in his family over the weekend but weirdly he hasn't texted me for a day now. usually he always sent a good night, good morning text & several texta throughout the day :(
so i wanted to text him later asking whether i did or said sth wrong when we were together on Wednesday :/:/

anyway when i asked him how the situation between us actually is right now (though i think he didn't get the hint) cuz he said :"The situation is ok, there is a little tension cause of sexual attraction"
So does this statemen rather means he's in it just for sex? i mean he talks about making love often, even already asked how i want it to be (atmosphere, place) when i'd make love with him and he said that he wouldn't be the kind of guy leaving a girl after making love or almost love but for some reason i can't really believe his words because he seems so hot n cold (know what i mean)

i mean he said he really like me and that he's attracted to me.
,that i'd be beautiful and georgeous, i. feel understood and he remembers things i told him few days ago like a job interview..

BUT yet I am totally unsure about his real feelings for me due to his "sexual" statement explained above..


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  • When a guy says that everything is going well, fine, ok etc
    It means just that. You're great with him. The sexual tension statement was a hint that he wants to go to the next level but respects you enough to wait until you are ready.

    Don't screw this up by over thinking it.

    • to the next level regarding having sex or towards a relationship?

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    • Good, he was with his family. He was busy. Sounds like all is well.

    • yeah but why would a guy ignore a message or wouldny bothering about to reply when i told him indirectly that i really like him? he didn't comment on this text at all when i received his texts today.
      shall i tell him again or just forget about it until he might realize that i really like him (in case he would take the time to figure this out)?

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