What does he want, I can't figure him out?

I've been talking to this guy for 4 years now. He used to be a senior at my school, there's a 5 year gap between us. So first year he confessed that he likes me as in more than a friend but then it got so complicated, i find out weird stuff about and he was so ashamed though i tried to be okay with it and make it work but he couldn't let it go and we stopped talking for a few months. We spoke again but never met since then, he started making excuses but he still talks in the same cute way and says all those lovely stuff but i don't get him is he too embarrassed to meet me after what happened or what! I tried to talk to him about it but he's never honest about it. I still have the same feeling that i had before that one where you are sure that someone has feelings for you! But is he now just passing time? What is stopping him from meeting?
. anyone?


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  • He could have priorites needed to be settle first. The older you get the number of responsiblities you got to handle such as college, uni, job, future. Give him some time, if he really likes you then he would say something asap once he got his priorites sorted, believe life gets in the way of everything


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