Does this mean a girl likes you?

Does it mean a girl likes you if she rolls her eyes at you and makes a disgusted face? Like at a group gathering I showed up kind of late and everyone was like hey! She said something like oh you're here too! I ignored and she like rolled her eyes and made a disgusted face. Does this mean she likes me?


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  • I typically only do that with guys I'm just friends with rather than guys I'm interested in. Because if I'm into a guy, I'll try and be super nice and sweet to him. Me and my platonic guy friends, however, like to make fun of each other in a friendly manner. One time, for example, I convinced my one friend to come to this event with me and some other people, and when he arrived, I made a disgusted face and said something along the lines of, "ew, you actually decided to show up?" as my way of greeting him.

    • Well I don't think she was kidding when she made the face I don't think she knows I saw it

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    • She was kind of nice when I showed up then I like didn't really respond or joke look at her and I saw her roll her eyes and make disgusted look?

    • Hmm... I don't know. Maybe she was making that face because of something else? It's hard to tell.

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  • Hahahahahahaha it can mean anything but not that

    • Really?

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    • Good I think

    • Well it's not a sign that she likes you but maybe she does, I can't tell exactly if she do tbh

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  • Can't tell you whether she's into you or not. Maybe she's just goofing around. Kinda humorist.

    • Maybe she was mad inignored? Wouldn't that mean she likes?

  • Sorry, it sounds like she can't stand you.

    • She used to be into me

    • Oh - interesting- well when we work out you are the wrong guy for us then love can turn into hate - especially if she feels you did a lot of shitty things to her.

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