Please help me, I am really confused, Its a yes/no question please?

Would a girl go out with a guy she is only considering to be "friends" with.
And would she say she will miss him then hug him really tightly at the end of the date if she only sees him as a "Friend".
Cuz a girl just did that, and i was pretty sure she is into me, until this guy that has a crush on her texted me.
"I can assure nothing is going to happen between you 2."
This guy had a crush on her since we were 16, now we are 17, so she maybe trusts me and told him she doesn't see me in that way?
ps: i asked her what the dude meant by what he said and she said, "she doesn't know" (over text)


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  • Does this girl consider your night out a "date"? If she was on an actual "date" with you then you are not considered to be just a "friend". The hug at the end though could be something she could do either a friend or bf. Don't worry about what the other guy said, he is try to compete for her.

  • that guy has crush on her what else you expect?
    m not saying for sure.. but there is a large possibility that she is into u.


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