First date - not sure if it went well?

Had a first date and the girl seemed...well interested conversationally (really animated with her body language and hand gestures) but wasn't very into the meal or drinks it seems and I am not sure what to think of it. When the night came to an end she said she's happy to split the bill (even though mine was more expensive) and seemed to keep brushing up against me a lot when we left as well as still being involved in the conversation. When we went our separate ways I told her I had fun and we should do it again, and she said "ya, just text me"

Should I assume she actually wants a follow-up or just consider this a social politeness thing?


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  • Well, first dates can be hard to read. From your story it seems like there wasn't really any spark or any chemistry between you. Seemed kinda mechanical or routine. You both could have been nervous though. I would go for a second date and re-evaluate.


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  • It went well if she wants another one.

  • yes text her dude... ain't have nothing 2 lose basicall. y...;-)

    • So you think it wasn't just a nicety thing?

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