I need a way to let her down easy?

Last year there was a guy, and me and him became pretty good friends pretty quickly. We would play games and Skype almost every day. One day his girlfriend was with him, and she was with her friend, H. She jokingly asked me if I wanted to go to prom. Okay, so about a month ago H actually asked me to prom. Her parents wanted to meet me so I went and ate dinner with thier whole family. After that she started asking me to come over and hang out. About a week ago My friend invited me, my other 2 friends, and all "our girls" to his house for a movie night and we were making jokes and she scooted closer and put her head on my shoulder and we ended up holding hands. About a week after she said she likes me, but asked me to prom because I was open (I figured she did). Then she asked me why I like her and put me on the spot. I should've just said that I don't, but being an idiot I told her that I do. Now I have to let her off gently. She's already had a rough history of turndowns.


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  • Lol
    your a twat
    you shouldn't have said you do
    just be like i enjoy your company as a friend, either way she's going to be hurt but be honest and make sure you emphasis you still want her aroiund without constantly throughing the word friend out there *only use the word friend ONCE in your little speech*

  • maybe just sit her down and say that you're not so sure you're into her, also it would be a good idea to mention that you dont wanna hurt her feeling and you never did, she might freak out and ask uou why you led her on, and you can just tell her that you didn't wanna hurt her feelings and that you just wanted o become good friends. then you can just apologize for leading her on, she might take it badly but at least you were honest. you should also tell her that she's amzing and that you just dont think itd work out so she doesn't think its her.


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