Guys, did he overreact? Or is it normal?

This guy said and showed he likes me , we ate not dating yet. We met and we hugged and kissed, and he wouldn't just let me go. I had to go and he was upset, to the point he didn't want to answer my text later. I told him I won't contact him at all when I realized he doesn't want to answer.

I think he overreacted.

I liked him and we had a nice conversation though, but I was not very comfortable at staying longer and it was getting late.

Guys, what do you think?


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  • You met online and this was first meeting in person?

    • No we met in his shop. It was the second time I see him.

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    • He's a creep. Ditch him.

    • I did lol

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  • I think it sounds a little creepy the way he reacted. Doesn't sound normal.

    • Yes, I agree. Though I liked him but it was like second time I see him, and he wouldn't release me. He wasn't that sexual with it but it may have happened.

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