Did he not want a second date since he said this?

I went on a date with one guy on Sunday. Everything went great. We kissed and he seemed into me. He told me to drop him a line once I got home, which I did around 3 am. He texted me back at 8 am saying "Cool!"

Then I didn't hear from him for two days and I didn't text him deliberately to see if he would reach out. After two days, I decided to text him just to say thanks for the date. He replied with "Hi! Pleasure! Thanks for accompanying me. It was fun"

I replied with "Yup, it was fun :)". He read my message but didn't text me back again. It's been 3 days since our text message exchange.

Did he not want a second date since he said this ?


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  • That is not promising, for sure. Too soon to say for certain that he is not interested, but he sure is playing it casual. Too casual to have a lot of interest. He has not sent you anything in 5 days, other than to reply to your direct comments with a brief, polite reply. If he does suggest a second date, it is not going to be out of some overwhelming desire for you as a person, it will mostly be because he had an opening in his social calender that needed filling.

    He hasn't asked you how you are doing, how your week has been going... anything. He hasn't shown any sign of interest whatsoever. So it makes it seem that any offer of another date will be because of an impulse of his, not because of any interest in you as a PERSON. If he was interested in you as a person, he would have made an inquiry by now.

    You may still get an offer for a second date. But if I were you, I would start looking at other options. Even if you get another date out of this guy, I don't know how strong his interest is in you.

    • Yeah, you're right. Well the thing is I kind of rejected his sexual advances on our first date. He wanted to have sex and I told him it was too early; so he was most probably only interested in sleeping with me which didn't take place. He seemed like the type of person with a lot of pride and is quite successful with his own business, so he'll probably find someone else which is fine with me :) Thanks for your input

    • Oooohhhh... yeah...
      If you rejected a sexual advance and THEN got replies like that, he was for sure only into for the sex. Good on you for rejecting it on the first date, you flushed a player out. Chances are good he wouldn't have bothered seeing you afterwards anyways, even if you did put out.

      For sure he isn't into you as a person, and if you do get a second date offer it will only be for another chance at getting laid.

  • It only been 3 days. Chill out woman.

    You went with him on a Sunday so wait until next Sunday to see if he wanted to go for round 2.

    • But wouldn't he at least have said that 3 days ago when we last texted? Besides, I was the one who reached out to him to say thanks for the night. He didn't text me at all..

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    • Alright, thanks to both of you :) I'll try and do that although my gut feeling is telling me that he isn't into me.

    • Don't panic just yet... like I said, do your thing. Don't wait for him, or anyone. If you feel uneasy, it may be because you have expectations. Some guys go at their own pace, which is why it's important that you focus on you and expand your dating pool.

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